Finally at home

High standards structures propose impersonal perfection, following canonical hospitality requirements, yet far from our idea of comfort.
We want to recreate in our structure, the atmosphere that rarely we have experienced in other locations visited throughout the years all around the world.
Our guests will experience a comfortable and relaxing environment, to feel at home after an eventful day.

salotto bergamo like home

Welcoming Atmosphere

It’s the atmosphere that creates the mood.
Our wish is that when entering the door, you will leave behind work matters or tourism “exaustion” to let yourself go for a reinvigorating rest.
Furnitures, colors, smells, wont give you the impression of an unknown environment, instead you will find the pleasant feeling of a familiar set up, where you can immerse yourself with pleasure.

Tailored Courtesy

You won’t find a concierge with a forced smile, we personally will welcome in our home, that for some time will be also yours.
For us it twill be a pleasure to respect your privacy, as much as arranging our time for allowing you to feel at ease.
We will follow every of your needs inside the home, as well as outside, helping you resolve any issue that might come up while moving through Bergamo or Milano, with infos and services that will allow you to experience the best stay.

suite like home bergamo

Enveloping Relax

We personally chose every detail in our structure to put you at ease.
Not only furniture create a warm and comforting feeling, but we are sure that you will appreciate many details on which we lingered even if aren’t under your eyes, like mattresses, the best in order to offer you comfort and hygene or high quality beauty products available in the bathrooms, or care when serving an aged rum, set on a tray with iced water and some dark chocolate to enhance taste…

liquori like home

Rediscovered Habits

You don’t have to change your lifestyle; on the countrary we are glad to adapt to your habits. If after dinner you would like a moment of relax in good company, the fireplace will warmly welcome you, maybe conversating sipping some good wine.
If you choose the intimacy of your room, you will be able to relax in liberty or follow latest “breaking news” from your favourite news show. A snack can be served overtime if requested, to conform your daily rithm or airport arrival.